Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic in Baby Food

Leading baby food products have been found to be contaminated by dangerous heavy metals. Arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury have been detected at dangerous levels in a wide array of baby foods such as teething biscuits, rice cereal, and pureed fruit, vegetable and meat products. Evidence uncovered by a congressional investigation shows that not only do most leading baby foods contain toxic heavy metals, but manufacturers are well aware of heavy metals in baby foods yet have taken no action to reduce toxins or warn consumers.

Attorneys handling heavy metal baby food lawsuits believe parents and family members of children who have developed side effects from heavy metals in baby foods may be eligible for significant compensation. This page provides a comprehensive look at heavy metals in baby foods including side effects and the brands under investigation for heavy metals in baby foods.

Heavy Metals in Baby Food

Baby Food Heavy Metal Contamination

A report published by the Committee on Oversight of Reform of the U.S. House of Representatives on February 4, 2021, identifies four manufacturers currently marketing baby foods containing heavy metals: Nurture, Inc., Beech-Nut, Hain and Gerber. Another three prominent purveyors of commercial baby foods, Campbell, Walmart, and Sprout Organic Foods, refused to submit data to the committee.

The United States baby food industry draws over $6 billion in annual revenue, yet is largely unregulated. Rice cereal is the only baby food product for which allowable levels of heavy metal content has been set, and even those restrictions are not well-enforced. In short, parents and families have been feeding their babies and young children food contaminated with toxic heavy metals with no prior warning, the risks of which are considerable.

Parents and families have been feeding their babies and young children food contaminated with toxic heavy metals with no prior warning, putting children at considerable risk for neurological and developmental problems.

Side Effects of Baby Food Heavy Metals

Across the board, commercial baby foods were found to contain varying levels of toxic heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. These substances are considered toxic to humans at all stages of life, yet pose a particular risk to children during their earliest stages of development.

The heavy metals in baby foods include arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury, all of which are considered neurotoxins. Exposure to these substances, even at low levels, has been found to cause “serious and often irreversible damage to brain development”, according to the congressional report. Documented side effects of heavy metals in baby foods include:

Who can file a Toxic Baby Food Lawsuit?

Families whose child suffered from developmental or neurological problems as a result of consuming heavy metals in baby foods may be eligible to file a claim against the manufacturers. Click here to learn more.

For the most part, heavy metals in baby foods are not currently regulated by the FDA. However, a comparison with FDA allowable levels for heavy metals in drinking water indicates many baby foods have extremely high heavy metal content. The FDA permits the following heavy metal levels in drinking water, in parts per billion (ppb):

Heavy Metal in Baby Food

Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium and Mercury in Baby Food

Baby food manufacturers both utilize raw ingredients and sell finished products that vastly exceed these levels. Baby food heavy metal levels documented in the congressional report are alarmingly high:

The rare case where the FDA has attempted to limit heavy metal contamination of baby foods is a failure: The sole standard the FDA has for heavy metals in baby foods is 100ppb arsenic for rice cereal. Critics say this amount is far too high for safety. Further investigation revealed that most baby food companies set internal allowable limits even higher than the FDA limit--and then ignore their own standards, selling baby foods badly contaminated with heavy metals.

Many companies purposely test only raw ingredients, which critics say results in a misrepresentation of the problem and likely causes higher-than-projected levels of baby food heavy metals to occur in finished products. To truly understand the degree to which heavy metals contaminate baby foods, the finished products need to be tested.

Families with children harmed as a result of baby food contaminated with lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic may be eligible for significant compensation by filing claims against baby food manufacturers.

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Heavy Metal Baby Food Lawsuits

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